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Alpinestars Tech Air Street Airbag system for motorbike riders

Alpinestars has revealed its road-rider based Tech Air Street Airbag System for motorcycle riders – see how it works.

Alpinestars has announced the launch of its road-based, under garment airbag system for on-road and off-road motorcycle riders. Tested on the race track in 2013, the system apparently had over 200 deployments with none of them being a misfire – the Tech Air Street Airbag System goes on-sale in Europe in 2015, but buying them and getting them shipped to Australia shouldn’t be too tricky.

The Tech Air Street Airbag System employs and airbags system covering the rider’s neck, back, shoulders, kidneys, chest and upper abdomen in the event of a crash. The clever thing about this suit is that the rider doesn’t need to do anything beyond charging it before using it – it has a battery life of 25 hours, and can be charged in six hours from a micro USB charger; it’s also waterproof and will work between -10-degrees C and +50-degrees C.

In-built sensors mean the rider doesn’t have to tether the suit to the bike. The suit has been designed to detect an impact between 30-60 milliseconds and it will fully inflate in just 25 milliseconds. Alpinestars says the suit’s crash detection sensor has been programmed based on its experience in racing and is thus able to predict and detect a wide range of impact types.

There’s no word yet on pricing.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober