Mercedes-Benz has teased the new, tech-focussed interior of the next-generation G-Class ahead of its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

MERCEDES-BENZ IS calling the new-generation G-Class the most significant transformation in its almost 40-year history. Images and details of the interior have been revealed and the thing is look sharp.

Gone are the hard edges and clunky switch gear, replaced by two glass infotainment screens, contrasting brushed alloy trims and buttons that would look right at home on an S-Class. There’s even wireless ohone charging, for goodness sake. But Mercedes-Benz hasn’t thrown the baby out with the bath water, or so it says.

In a statement describing the interior, M-B said “the G-Class reveals styling elements from the exterior transposed into the interior. The shape of the round headlamps, for instance, which is reflected in the air vents on either side. Or the design of the iconic indicators, found again in the shape of the loudspeakers.

“Hallmarks of the G-Class include the grab handle in front of the front passenger and the chrome-highlighted switches for the differential locks, positioned in clear view. Both have been meticulously optimised and retained as characteristic features.”

But from there it all gets very high-tech. “G-Class drivers are able to control the full infotainment system without taking their hands off the steering wheel. The touch-sensitive Touch Controls on the steering wheel respond to swiping motions in the same way as the surface of a smartphone. Thanks to haptic impulses and additional feedback from the onboard speakers, the driver can use the touchpad without looking away from the road”.

There’s a 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel behind the steering wheel and the driver can scroll between different displays, including Classic, Sport and Progressive.

At the base of the b-pillar is a badge bearing the name, Schöckl. In the same way that Jeep adds the Trail Rated badge to its Trailhawk models, Mercedes-Benz makes sure every iteration of the G-Class can conquer the Schöckl mountain which is close by the factory in Austria where the G-Class is built.

The G-Class is now bigger than before and this means more interior room, indeed front and rear legroom is up by 38mm and 150mm, respectively. There’s more shoulder and elbow room in the front and rear, too. The rear seats are 60:40 split fold.

Mercedes-Benz will continue to drip feed details on the new G-Class until its full reveal at the Detroit Motor Show in January.


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