Reports out of the UK are suggesting the arrival of the all-new Land Rover Defender is being pushed back to either 2018 or 2019…

PRODUCTION OF THE CURRENT model Land Rover Defender was turned off in January with the 2,000,000th Defender selling for a record $805,000. Gulp. But, reports out of the UK are suggesting there are still some bugs to be ironed out in the business case for the ‘low-volume’ off-roader and that it’s likely we won’t see a production version until 2019, with a model debut likely in 2018.

With the ‘Defender’ ‘more or less’ in production for the last 68 years and one of the vehicles responsible for creating both the Land Rover brand and image, management is, understandably, nervous about the lack of Defender in the current Land Rover family line-up, although they won’t admit it in public.

According to Autocar, it’s the business case for a lowish volume, relatively cheap vehicle that’s causing some hurdles in the final roll out of the new Defender. But, this could all be speculation on Autocar’s behalf… There has also been suggestions the Defender could be produced outside the UK for the first time in its history and, while in a global car industry that seems like a reasonable enough suggestion, a decision to move production outside of the UK, given the history of the Defender’s UK-only production would be keeping Land Rover management awake at night. 

While Land Rover is keeping quiet on details about the new Defender we do know it’s likely to get independent suspension on all four corners, and an aluminium body and monocoque structure. It’s being suggested there will be two wheelbase sizes, and several body styles, to create a “small family”, according to Land Rover insiders.

Original suggestions were that the new Defender would be released in 2017, so the alleged decision to push it out until either 2018 or 2019 is a serious one. Time will tell.


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  1. The electric revolution could potentially be the culprite. They may be doing some future proofing engineering work or starting from the ground up. 2019 4yr suggests it might be a back to the drawing board.

  2. The last ever Defender wasn’t sold and isn’t for sale, it’s headed for the Jaguar Land Rover Collection. The 2 millionth Defender was the one that sold for $800,000+. Minor correction.

  3. I thought if they wanted a cheap vehicle stick with live axles and redesign the frame and body. If they go with the independent suspension and monocque body they can say goodbye to saying they produce a serious off road vehicle. Should be doing something along the line of the landcruiser ute, dual cab, wagon line. Would love to see them keep the distinctive defender look but improve the ergonomics of the body, possibly make it slightly wider with its dimensions.

    1. How much of a future does the 70 series have though?? Most of its design is almost as old as that of the Defender, so it too will likely struggle in coming years to meet the same regulations the current Defender no longer can…and probably force Toyota to update it properly….or just axe it completely….

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