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All-New Land Rover Defender Interior Spied?

The alleged interior of the all-new Land Rover Defender has been posted on Twitter by an unidentified user, but is it the real deal?

The all-new Land Rover Defender is one of the most anticipated vehicles in recent memory and there’s huge pressure on Land Rover to get the thing just right. To inject enough modernity into the thing while keeping its rough and tumble roots.

And, if an image of the alleged interior, posted onto Twitter yesterday is anything to go by then the brand seems to be on-track. Until now, Land Rover has only posted official, camouflaged exteriors of the new Defender. And, where the rest of the brand is moving towards rounded corners, the new Defender is likely to stick with the square edges of the previous-generation Defender and Discovery (see images below).

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Discovery Graphite

So, what do we make of the Defender’s interior? Well, for a start it looks to be a design-development mock-up rather than a production ready vehicle. Although, you could suggest the bones of what you see above will make it to production.

There looks to be a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel but the way it looks in the image, this is likely to be a picture within a picture, if you get what I mean, rather than an image of a working cluster. There also appears to be a head-up display. But there are also almost no visible markings on dials or switches, beyond the stubby little dashboard-mounted gear lever.

But what the picture does suggest is that Land Rover is clearly improving the interior quality of the Defender by taking cues from current vehicles, but sticking with the ‘practical’ features that have made the old Defender so popular, like the, what looks to be a, hose-out floor and generally more durable looking interior plastics. And the brake and accelerator pedal show Stop and Go on them.

Interior of the Defender Works to give an indication of what the new Defender has to improve on…you can see the stubby gear lever looks to be carried over from the old car.

The Defender will be unveiled at the end of this year, so, expect the drip-feeding and spy shots to continue.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober