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50-times faster BMW i3 traction control system to be standard on all BMW and Minis

BMW has announced the traction control system developed for its electric i3 has been adapted for use in all BMW and Mini product going forward.

BECAUSE OF THE WAY an electric vehicle delivers all its torque from 0rpm, BMW said it needed to develop a bespoke traction control system to handle this instantaneous grunt for its range of EVs, like the new i3 which offers up to 135kW and 270Nm of torque.

According to BMW, the new traction control’s computer brain can respond 50-times faster because “the control process is now calculated directly in the powertrain instead of in a remote unit requiring long signal paths”.

“With their high levels of torque and instantaneous responses to every movement of the accelerator, electric motors already make significantly higher demands on driving stability systems than conventional power units,” said Peter Langen, Head of Chassis Development at BMW.

The shorter control cycle traction control system has been adapted for use in all BMW and Mini product and will now be fitted to all BMW and MINI models with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober