How might the upcoming Mahindra Thar stack up against the Suzuki Jimny in the battle of the lightweight off-roaders?

Mahindra has just announced that it’s new Thar 4×4 – similar to the Suzuki Jimny in more ways than one – will arrive in Australia by June next year.

The model revealed is the new second-generation and it brings upgrades over the old one, such as new engines, better 4×4 systems, and the latest tech.

While Australian specifications and pricing detail have not been confirmed yet it is expected the Thar will be a sharp offering in the marketplace and bring some game to the hugely popular Suzuki Jimny. Both are on the smaller side, the Thar a touch bigger and with more flexible (up to six) seating options, plus a longer wheelbase, mechanical locking rear diff, front swaybar disconnect, larger fuel tank, diesel engine, and more. It could be quite the option for those after affordable offroad fun.

We’ve gathered everything we do know about the new model and compiled below to compare.

Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the list, and we’ll update it when specifications such as GVM and capacities are available.

2021 Mahindra Thar vs Suzuki Jimny specs

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    1. And even at more than the Suzuki you have to admit theres plenty in the new Mahindra. Unknown maker to me though but warranty looks to be five years or better

      1. Mahindra and Mahindra is a well respected public company based in India, they also own SSangyong of South Korea, IT businesses, tractor manufacturing and even an Australian built in Sale Victoria aircraft.

  1. the mahindra looks good on paper, is the drivetrain warranty limited to two years? nice torque from the petrol model…

  2. Mahindra has loads of experience in 4x4s If they price it right, I’m sure this will gobble up everything it comes across.

  3. In 2013 I accepted the opportunity to buy a new Mahindra SUV AWD XUV500 from a dealer wanting to clear stocks when moving that part of their business to a new location. Over four years the vehicle travelled 200,000 Km driving in all states and often towing a caravan or large boat on trailer.

    It had the excellent 2.2 litre Austrian designed diesel and a Jeep 6-speed gearbox, the only major warranty claim problem that developed was AWD vibrations which were rectified. The build quality was very good.

    Unfortunately, the delay of a few years in offering an automatic transmission limited sales, but I understand the utilities including 2WD and 4WD have sold well in country areas.

  4. Looking forward to a review. Actually beginning to shop for something like this – have retired now and want to get back to serious fishing around the state. Had a look at the Suzuki but just too small for me – 192cm…Very tight in there.

    Want a vehicle that will go almost anywhere in coastal WA towing a lightweight 15 foot tinny – and having a bit of cargo space as well. The Suzuki can tow it, so they say – but I wasn’t convinced it could at highway speed – it didn’t impress me towing itself. That, and the poor comfort level turned me off. Looks good though and if it wasn’t to be towing would suit most for bush work. This diesel Mahindra might just be ideal. But waiting for it to arrive, or get a used Wrangler….That is the question…..I like Jeeps a lot, have had a couple – not sure I want a used one though…..Mine were great – but heard plenty of grumbles from others.

    Mahindra should be shipping these now!….And sit back and collect piles of dollars it if does what we all seem to think it will – at a good competitive price.

    1. I’m keen to find out if the roxor will be released, for the same reason, it’s a basic set-up, just what I need to commute to and from work, and hit the great fishing spots when time allows

  5. Looking promising. Please price ot right. Mahindra is originally a tractor and heavy machine manufacturer. It’s as old as india itself.

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