Images of the new 2018 Toyota Prado have been leaked online by Instagram user Hamad1two3. But are they real? 

SOME SITES have gone into meltdown publishing images leaked online late last week from Instagram user Hamad1two3, they purportedly show the new 2018 Toyota Prado. Due for reveal in September, the new Prado will borrow heavily from the look of the current LandCruiser 200 Series, especially the headlights and grille.

New Toyota Prado leaked... allegedly

Hamad1two3 has revealed Toyota images in the past and there’s no reason to doubt these are the real deal, although the images appear to have come from Japanese automotive publications, which regularly com-gen images of new models which are surprisingly accurate.

New Toyota Prado leaked... allegedly

The giveaway, perhaps, that these aren’t leaked press images and are more likely to be com-gen images from Japan, is that the rear shot of the new Prado has the word LandCruiser above the numberplate in a chrome strip which seems to be gibberish. And the fact the numberplate changes from a Japanese plate to a ‘press-shot-oriented’ one is another hint that we’re looking at someone’s best guess as to what the new Prado will look like. This revision will only be the second one for the Toyota Prado which has had its current look since 2010.

New Toyota Prado leaked... allegedly

The same is possible with the interior pics which seem to suggest the usual revisions to infotainment and centre stack layout.

Question: If these images are taken from a Japanese publication then there’s a fair chance this is how the new Prado will look, so, what do you think?


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  1. It seems the Everest gave Toyota a wake up call. No doubt the Prado was good even if it all ways under powered ,but time has moved on and updates can only go so far.

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