In October this year, Volkswagen set a new front-wheel drive lap record at the Nurburgring, last week it announced it had beaten its own record.

WITH A NEW Honda Civic Type R set for release very soon, the engineers at Honda must be starting to wring their hands over the news that Volkswagen has just beaten its own lap record of the Nurburgring. In October, this year, to celebrate the launch of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, the most powerful Golf GTI ever, VW set a new lap record for front-drive cars.

The record shaved 1.5 seconds off the time laid down by the Honda Civic Type R. Honda must have thought its new car could best that… Only now VW has gone another two seconds quicker around the legendary racing circuit, setting a new front-wheel drive lap record of 7:47:19.

In a video released late last week, VW stated the intention had been to challenge its own lap record. The video states that the 8-degrees Celsius at the Nurburgring when it attempted to beat its own record was optimum for ensuring tyres and the engine were working at their best.

It’s worth noting that if you watch the video and decide you absolutely must have a Golf GTI Clubsport S then bad luck, it’s no longer for sale. It was a limited-edition model.


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  1. Who would want the S version anyway? No back seats, no A/C. It’ was just designed for one thing. The regular Clubsport is coming to Australia except they can’t use that name.

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