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2017 Suzuki Swift detailed…

The 2017 Suzuki Swift has been detailed in Japan ahead of its on-sale date of January 4 in that country, and global reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

THE SUZUKI SWIFT has been detailed in Japan ahead of its January 4 on-sale in that country. In a statement, Suzuki said it would detail the Swift for global markets at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The official detailing of the Swift follows spy shots and leaked brochure images from a conference in Europe earlier this year.

Suzuki has only revealed two official images of the Swift for the home market, although it has given out press kits to Japanese journalists. So far, the brand has announced there will be two hybrid models, the Hybrid RS and Hybrid ML.

According to a statement from Suzuki, the new Swift “features distinctive and sporty styling, and both superb driving performance and low-fuel consumption achieved through an excellent handling inherited and further enhanced from its predecessor, the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) mild hybrid system, a fuel efficient 1.2-litre DUALJET engine with high thermal efficiency, and light and rigid new-generation platform “HEARTECT””.

The RS version of the Swift gets the same hybrid technology but is based on a smaller 1.0-litre engine with a six-speed automatic “to achieve both driving performance with powerful acceleration feel and excellent fuel efficiency”. Suzuki hasn’t detailed output or acceleration times…

The new Swift will also go on-sale in Japan with a new safety package that’s optional on all models except the entry-level XG variant. The Swift will get Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) collision-mitigating system (otherwise known as autonomous emergency braking) that features a monocular camera and sensor and a system that can automatically switch on low and high beam depending on the vehicle’s surroundings. The Swift, in Japan at least, will also get adaptive cruise control. It’s unknown at this stage whether any of the technology will make it onto cars sold in Australia – it’s expected the Swift will arrive here towards the end of next year.

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7 years ago

Really unimpressed by the styling. I saw one headline claiming low, wider, sleeker,. I’d like to know what the reference point was as it’s still a slab sided box and looks ordinary from all angles. Given how few Swifts you see on the road, doesn’t seem to have many fans at all.

dirk diggler
dirk diggler
7 years ago
Reply to  Azmodan

they are all over the place

OK they don’t have the design sexy Alfa romeo

but are ultra-reliable cars

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober