Mitsubishi is recalling those 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Tritons that might have been fitted with a ‘Genuine Mitsubishi Towbar’ because of issues with the mounting bolts.

MITSUBISH IS RECALLING all 2016 Pajero Sport (QE) and 2016 Triton (MQ) models fitted with a Genuine Mitsubishi Towbar because the flange head bolts fitted might come loose in use. Mitsubishi says, “If the bolts become loose, the towbar can become detached from the vehicle creating a safety hazard to the occupants and other parties”.

Mitsubishi is contacting owners of affected vehicles to arrange for the bolts to be replaced, which will be at no charge to the customer.

This isn’t the first time Mitsubishi’s genuine towbar has been involved in a recall. Last year, the MQ Triton had to recall those vehicles fitted with a ‘genuine’ towbar because the “compliance label does not comply with the marking requirements in either ADR 62/02 or AS4177.1. Specifically the towing loads do not match the specifications for 16MY MQ Triton”.

This meant that owners could easily exceed the towing limits of the Triton outlined in the Owner’s Manual. Below is the relevant model and part numbers that were affected in last year’s recall. Read more about towing limits.

Mitsubishi Triton recalled for towbar issues


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