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2015 Kia Carnival recalled in Australia

The 2015 Kia Carnival has been recalled in Australia due to potential brake manufacturing that could see the pedal go hard with constant use.

KIA AUSTRALIA IS recalling a range of 2015 Kia Carnival people movers to rectify a manufacturing defect (CLICK HERE for the affected VIN range).

According to Kia Australia, “There is a potential that during the manufacturing process that a misalignment of the brake booster centre plate and assembly jig may have occurred and caused the o-ring in the brake booster to have been deformed. This could lead to an internal leak in the brake booster which could cause the brake pedal to become hard when applying the pedal repeatedly. As a result increased pedal effort may be required to achieve the expected stopping distance”.

Kia advises it’s sent a letter to owners of the affected vehicles requesting them to visit their local Kia dealer to arrange an inspection and rectification of the issue.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober