The 2014 Holden Colorado and Colorado 7, Renault Captur and Suzuki Ignis have all been recalled to due to production defects.

THE 2014 HOLDEN Colorado and Colorado 7 have been recalled because “the Alternator B+ Electrical Cable may have been assembled in contact with a steel bracket at the battery tray. Under certain driving conditions the insulation on the cable may wear, resulting in the potential for an electrical short circuit to develop between the cable and the bracket”.

Holden says, “If the defect occurs, there is a risk that the cable insulation may melt or catch fire, which may pose a risk of injury to the vehicle occupant(s) and other road users”. Affected Build Range is from MMU145DK0EH600244 to MMU156FK0FH616228; and the affected production dates range from: 04 SEP 2013 to 21 JAN 2015.

According to Holden, it has begun contacting owners to advise of the next steps.

Suzuki has also announced a recall for the RG413 Ignis which is part of a wider recall in Japan and Europe. The concern, and Suzuki says there haven’t been any incidents identified outside of Japan, is that “the contact grease used for lubrication within the vehicle ignition switch may carbonise with frequent usage. Carbonisation of the grease may cause smoke to come from the ignition and pose a potential fire hazard.

Suzuki says, the vehicle should be taken to an authorised Suzuki dealer for inspection and repairs.

And, Renault too has announced a recall for its recently released Renault Captur which its says, some cars may have had the front under guard liners fitted incorrectly. The company says: “The incorrectly fitted under guard liners may interfere with the front flexible brake hoses, which may result in the ‘brake fluid low level’ warning light illuminating and cause a reduction in braking capacity. This could increase the risk of collision”.

The affected VIN range is: VF12R401EE0708109 – VF12R5A1HE0708927, however, Renault says that not all vehicles in the above range are affected.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified directly and advised to contact a Renault dealer to arrange for inspection, and, if necessary, repairs.


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