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200kW BMW Concept iX3 Revealed…promises 400km range

The BMW Concept iX3 has been revealed at the Beijing Motor Show, confirming the brand’s first all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

THE BMW CONCEPT IX3 has been revealed in China overnight. BMW’s first-ever all-electric SAV: “a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) once again blazes a trail for a new and ground-breaking form of BMW’s fabled driving pleasure,” BMW said in its announcement.

BMW’s Concept iX3 shows off the brand’s latest generation eDrive which sees an electric motor (BMW motors don’t require rare earths in their construction), transmission and all the power electronics boxed together in one package; it also sees the debut of newer more powerful battery technology. This package will be used in the production all-electric SAV. BMW said all its electric vehicles would carry the BMW I brand logo despite being members of conventional product line-ups.

Speaking in China, BMW said the Concept iX3 heralds a new future for the brand’s electrification strategy, promising front-, rear- and all-wheel drive powertrains via a flexible modular platform construction. “And that means a pure combustion engine, plug-in hybrid drive system or battery-electric solution can be integrated into any model, as desired,” BMW said.

According to BMW, the X3, which the Concept iX3 is based, is one of the first vehicles which offers flexible architecture, although the Concept iX3 gets its own specially developed rear axle subframe and specific chassis integration.

A production version of the Concept iX3 will be built, in China, via the BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture in Shenyang, China. It’s expected this model will be out in 2020 following the release of a new Mini E in 2019.

The Concept iX3 follows the trail blazed by the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 which was revealed in 2009 becoming the world’s first SAV with a full hybrid drive system. The fifth-generation eDrive powertrain produces up to 200kW while the model-specific high-voltage battery has a net capacity of over 70kWh, which is enough to give the electric SAV a range of more than 400 kilometres. The batteries used in this latest-generation package also offer fast-charging capability via fast-charging stations generating 150kW; one of these stations will charge the batteries to full capacity in 30min.

The electrification of BMW models also shows in the design. The closed double kidney grille is already a BMW i brand thing and helps to reduce wind resistance. The blue accents around the grille, the brand logo and along the side skirts are other i brand hints. The concept also wears aerodynamically designed wheels.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober