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Setting up for off-roading with your 4×4

Recovery gear – Then you’ll need recovery gear.  It’ll happen sooner or later.

Basic Recovery Gear

Take this everywhere:

  • Recovery points – to attach straps to the vehicle;
  • Snatch strap – for pulling out of trouble;
  • Shovel – generally useful!
  • Traction ramps – either to help the tyres grip, or to build up a track for clearance; and
  • Bowsaw, spade, bag for gear, traction ramps, yellow snatch strap, gloves, plate for jacking the car on, tyre repair gear and shackles.


Advanced Recovery Gear

Select from this depending on where you go. Air jacks are handy in sand, but there’s nowhere to winch so leave that gear home.

  • Winch – and the gear such as an extension strap;
  • Drag chain – helps drag trees out of the way;
  • Bridging ladders – for creating a ramp; and
  • Air jack – lifting the car on soft ground.


A Ranger winching a Discovery up a wet, slippery hill.


Traction ramps used to help a Discovery through a muddy patch.



NEVER hook a strap or chain over a towball.  The towball isn’t strong enough and might rip off, creating a lethal projective. One safe method is to hook the strap directly into the towbar and put the pin through it, or better yet, use a specialist recovery hook.

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper