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Setting up for off-roading with your 4×4

Stuff to Take off – Here’s what you need to remove from your 4WD before you use it as a 4WD:

  • Sidesteps – unless the sidesteps in question are rocksliders built to take the weight of the car then they will get bent. You’re better off with nothing and just being careful;
  • Mudguards – some are fine, some are just waiting to be ripped off and unfortunately, that’s most of them. Aftermarket replacements are available; and
  • Plastic guards – increasing numbers of offroaders are now coming with various cheap plastic guards around the recovery points, or front of the car. If these are removeable, as they are on some Jeeps and Land Rovers, then remove them before a stick does it for you.


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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper is a motoring journalist, offroad driver trainer and photographer interested in anything with wings, sails or wheels. He is the author of four books on offroading, and owns a modified Ford Ranger PX which he uses for offroad touring. His other car is a Toyota 86 which exists purely to drive in circles on racetracks, and that's when he isn't racing his Nissan Pulsar. Visit his website: www.l2sfbc.com or follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RobertPepperJourno/ or buy his new ebook!