Want more light? Try new Stedi’s LED bulbs.

AFTER MANY SCRAPES on my hands I finally have installed the Stedi H15 LEDs into my high beams.

My first comment on these is the light quality improvement is excellent. The light is much better than the stock halogens once you have made a few small, easy changes to the bulb which are described below. The dust seal is better than stock and the fit and finish look very good.

My only complaint is that the pins for the connection to the stock harness are a bit too short. After some experimentation I have found that you can file down the plastic nub on the stock harness so that it is level and the connect the connector and place a cable tie around it to keep it connected.

Now for the fun bit, the actual install. I had a tough time removing the dust caps and found that they actually pop off with just getting your fingernails around the edges. Pull out the halogen globes by rotating them clockwise as viewed from the front of the headlight and then disconnect the wiring. File down the nub on the stock harness and then connect the connector from the LED bulb and attach the included cable tie to keep it secure.

I found the dust seal made turning the bulb back into the housing difficult so I applied a little dielectric grease to the seal before slipping it back in. You can now feed the LED into the housing. Remember the bulb needs to go into the housing with the top of it in the 2 o’clock position as you are looking into the housing and then, once fully seated, rotate it counter clockwise unto the top of the bulb is at the 12 o’clock position. Then put in the wiring and electronic boxes in around the lower part of the bulb inside the housing. Next work the metal braids into the housing as well. Put the dust cap on (I found that it is easier to rotate the cap as you are fitting it to help get the extra bits moving around for room) and lock it into place. All done.

I found the beams to be a bit low compared to the stock halogens but much brighter and nicer light. After some consultation with Stedi (they are great with quick replies on Facebook messenger) I rotated the bulb 180 degrees in their housing. This was easily done just by removing two small screws in the base, turning it and then reinstalling the bulbs. I found this put the light where it should be but it was had a smaller light pattern. I went one step further and removed the reflector cup, once again, very easy with just removing three small screws. Now the pattern is much better and I am very happy with the spread – see the video below for proof.

UPDATE: We have found what is potentially the high beam adjustment knob. It is a bolt with a geared washer just above the high beam dust cover. It is quite hard to see as it is tuck up so far. I used my iPhone camera to find it. I haven’t tried it myself as the flip has solved the issue for me but have heard it will fix the alignment issue.

PM4x4 Comment

Another popular upgrade is HIDs, but for those you need a specially designed reflector (internal light design), washers and self-levellers so it’s not worth it. Headlights are one of those roadworthy items that you cannot change to whatever you please – any kit must be engineered to be road-legal, so check this before purchase.


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  1. Thanks for Posting I have a new Everest 3 weeks old and cant believe the stock Low Beam halogen are so poor. I want to update Low beams, have you done those yet? Are they as hard tp get too, or easier?
    Any insight guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Jimmy Roller.

  2. Hey mate, have you noticed a difference in switching on time between your left and right highbeam when close to a wall. I’ve put my h15 in the everest and in the garage there is a noticible delay on the left headlight to the right in switch on time
    I’ve swapped the globes and there is no change. The stock globes don’t show it because of the slow turn on speed.

    Another ford perk?

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