Product Test – RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip can hold all sorts of devices in your vehicle.

A universal gadget mount with a range of arms and bases, designed for small to medium sized smartphones and phablets.

We like…

Versatility.  The X-Grip can take a wide variety of devices, which is good as everyone in our family has a different phone united only by micro-USB chargers.   RAM’s systems allow you to change one of the mount, arm and base independently, so your initial investment is not wasted.  Once the device is in it can rotate around the arm, and I thought that would be a problem over rough roads but…it’s definitely no problem at all!  RAM can be trusted to get this sort of thing right.

Not so good…

It’s hard to do a one-handed removal of a device.  In some cases, the Grip’s rubber feet may touch the device’s on/off switch or volume controls.  You will need a firm base as the combined unit isn’t light, be prepared to get the tools out for a decent install or use their big window suction mount. And in some cases we’ve had a phone fall out of the unit. However, newer X-Grips have a rubber band attachment which helps, and another tip is not to choose too large a size for your phone.

The bottom line

Not the cheapest mount, but worth the investment as you could still be using it in ten years’ time and it is a modular system so parts can be mixed and matched.


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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper