Isuzu’s new MU-X finally unveiled, and it looks like a welcome upgrade.

Isuzu has unveiled the second-generation MU-X in Thailand, showing a much improved seven-seat four-wheel drive which will bolster the model’s sales.

Arriving around 12 months after the new D-Max’s launch, we expect the MU-X will arrive in Australia next year, about 12 months from now.

Details remain light though we know that it’s unsurprisngly based on the same ladder-frame platform as the new D-Max but with acoil-sprung rear. It also comes packed with tech and safety upgrades. Expected will be the same, comprehensive IDAS safety suite fitted to the D-Max that saw it score a five-star ANCAP rating, including its centra airbag that sits between the front two seats.

The IDAS system will make the MU-X the best safety-equipped ute-based wagon on the market, and that will bolster Isuzu’s sales even further, the MU-X already the most popular choice in its segment since it went on sale here seven years ago.

Underneath the bonnet of the Thai-spec second-gen MU-X is a 1.9-litre four-cylinder diesel producing 112kW and 350Nm. We don’t get that engine in our D-Max and expect the local D-Max’s new 3.0L to feature in the new MU-X here. That brings 140kW and 450Nm through a six-speed manual or auto transmission.

Inside, the itnerior is similar tot he new D-Max, though with some nicer appointments, perhaps focusing on the family values the MU-X carries. Central in the dash is the same new 9.0-inch infotinament system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some other unique extras to the MU-X include large 20-inch alloys.

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  1. Be warned, a truck and other Diesel engine specialist and rebuild business owner in Queensland advised me that the small cubic capacity 4WD type Diesel engines programmed to deliver similar power and torque to larger around 3,000 cc designs, when worked hard towing regularly and/or with trades equipment, boxes and racks tend to need reconditioning by 150,000 kilometres, maybe up to 200,000 kilometres.

    Isuzu 3,000 cc/3 Litre Diesel is now well proven reliability.

    1. Yes, the 2 litre bi-turbo Ford donk does worry me. I wouldn’t have one. The 3.2 on the other hand would likely outlive me.

  2. Isuzu just starting to FaceBook market and email the new 2021 MUX.
    Plenty of more details out there now… so maybe time for a more detailed updated review!?

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