The all-new Ineos Grenadier has been put through its paces in prototype form.

Ineos has opened the doors at its partner’s testing facility in Austria for a select few journalists to test the upcoming Grenadier four-wheel drive in as a prototype review.

Not yet launched and not yet finalised for production specification (the prototypes suspension tuning has not been finalised, for instance), this is the first good sense of what to expect from the all-new car brand founded by English billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The Grenadier four-wheel drive wagon – which will also come as a cab-chassis ute – is similar in size to a Land Rover Defender 110, and to many, similar outside in appearance too. But according to Torsten Siebt who drove the vehicle in Austria at Magna-Steyr’s testing ground, “There is more space inside than in a Defender (110).” However, the rest of the interior was covered up and will be shown at a later date – though it seem we can expect some mod cons.

Magna-Steyr is responsible for helping wIneos,ith the development of the Grenadier and its experience with BMW must come in handy with the two straight-six turbo BMW engines available; a petrol producing 209kW/450Nm and a diesel making 183kW/550Nm.

Both are mated to a ZF eight-speed automatic but feed into Ineos’ own permanent four-wheel-drive system with low gear and a central locking differential. There are also two-axle diff locks available and traction is apparently excellent. 

The suspension of the prototype is yet to be finished but it reportedly produces a road-friendly response with “a tendency to roll in corners… but the Grenadier straightens up rapidly, too, so it isn’t too wallowy.” 

While off-road, the Grenadier seems to perform very well, with the suspension being “Harsher than that of a Mercedes G-Class.”

It sounds as though the prototype has what Ineos said the Grenadier will bring: hard-core rugged performance and a focus on being a formidable 4×4, but with also some creature comforts and not unforgiving when driving back on the tarmac. 

In any event, we will also get to see the model in Australia, with Ineos confirming the Grenadier will launch locally. Pricing and specifications are yet to be announced.


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  1. I hope it’s reliability is better than current english and German vehicles.

    my series 2A Landrover (1969) is more reliable than my discovery was ( admittedly less km though) but my jap Nissan Patrol has been like a rock.

    I want LR capabilities, European styling and Japanese car reliability.

    I’m hoping the Ineos achieves that. My name is on the list….

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