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Five-door Suzuki Jimny to debut next year

Longer and more practical Jimny on route to production, though doubts linger over RHD version.

An all-new five-door version of the Suzuki Jimny is expected to launch in India next year.

Following on from its public unveiling earlier this year at the Auto Expo 2020, the Indian Maruti Suzuki Jimny is reported to indeed be a similar five-door body, marking the first long-wheelbase version of the popular small 4×4.

The extra two doors over the three-door sold in Australia brings a roomier cabin with more practical space. It will compete directly against the popular Indian-built Mahindra Thar, a car which is confirmed to come to Australia soon.

But what of the five-door Jimny? It seems that Suzuki might be moving most if not all of global Jimny production to India, with the three-door also being built in the subcontinent and shipped around the world. This might well lead to a right-hand drive five-door Jimny that could eventually come to Australia.

The plan is for the three-door Jimnys to be built using Suzuki kits imported from Japan, while the five door will be a unique build for Maruti Suzuki in India and likely sold at Indian Nexa dealerships, a premium spin off. It is unclear on the ramifications this could have for RHD production, though the potential lack of safety standard required for Australian import and registration if that’s at all an issue, would be a hindering factor.

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3 years ago

Hilarious ! India is a Right Hand Drive nation ! Of course it will be Right hand drive

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