Don’t drive roadcars on 4X4 tracks.

HYUNDAI’s I30 is a very fine vehicle but does not list offroad capability as one of its features.

Here are some signs that indicate you’re driving a roadcar on a 4X4 track:

  1. The road is no longer bitumen but dirt. Exercise caution and prepare to turn around.
  2. The track is marked “4WD Only” then definitely turn around
  3. The road is no longer dirt but mud..then turn around regardless of signs
  4. There are scraping sounds underneath..back out, turning around is risky
  5. Your wheels spin and the car goes nowhere…probably too late. What to do now is a whole new article.

The above are true even if your satnav, passenger or an angel tells you to drive on. Don’t. Your roadcar is not designed for 4X4 tracks, and the laws of physics overrule all else. If you’re even slightly unsure, get out and have a look on foot and if the mud is deep, the ruts are large and generally you don’t even like the idea of walking on foot…then back out.

If you ignore these signs then you are likely to end up like the car pictured above and below, not only immobilised but damaged underneath, and that’s before the recovery has begun.

If driving on a road starts to feel like a bad idea, it is a bad idea.


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