Lego Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series is super realistic and you can help it get into shops in time for Christmas.

YOU CAN CREATE whatever you want in Lego, and someone wanted to make a Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series.  So they did. And the truly great thing is that Lego offers aspiring brick builders the chance to see their creation come to life and be adopted by Lego to become a mainline product. And you can help.

If you like the look of this LandCruiser 40 Series then CLICK here and ‘support’ the builder. If he gets to 10,000 supporters then Lego will consider the product for approval and thus sale.


The model is 16cm high x 14cm wide x 33cm long and has about 1700 components.  The designer says it took around 5 months, and he used Lego’s Digital Designer.


Lego 40 Series Gallery

And there’s another one!

But wait, there’s a model 40 already!  Check this out, and it’s radio control too.  A 1:12 scale model, live-axle suspension (but of course), all wheel drive with a locked centre diff (WHAT!) and even has a PTO (power takeoff) winch.   Converts from hardtop to softop.  It is coil sprung which will disappoint the traditionalists, but let’s leave that aside and appreciate the skill in this model:


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