Ford’s Valentine’s Day Prank – Mustang Speed Dating

You’ve been asked out on a blind date… sounds pretty good, but it’s about to get better!

IMAGINE YOU’RE a young bloke, single, looking for lurve. You meet this gorgeous blonde woman, meet up for a coffee, and then head out to her car. So far, so good but maybe nothing special.

Now at this point the story can go one of two ways, and it depends on whether or not you’re a petrolhead. If you’re not, the car is just a lump of metal with wheels, of as much consequence as the shoes the girl wears, maybe less.

But if you are into cars, you notice it is a NEW FORD MUSTANG. OH YES. In fact, you probably noticed it on the way into the cafe. From about three blocks away.

Now this is important. Not many people have new Mustangs, and the demographic for Mustang buyers is overwhelminingly male. So, a pretty young lady with a Mustang? A rare and precious treasure. So for the petrolhead, that’s all he needs to know, she’s a keeper. Definite potential.

But there’s more. You get in, and discover something short, stubby and exciting between … the seats. It is a manual gearshift. In America.

You will now marry this woman. She is your future wife. Right here and now. She might be crazy off the scale, also into gardening … but everything else can be forgiven. She is THE ONE.

So you’re in her car, and off she goes. Except she can’t drive. Doesn’t matter though, because what’s important she’s the sort of gal that owns a Mustang.

Now she turns into a disused parking lot, which is ok … but then she hits the throttle and proceeds to perform drifts, donuts and various other hoonery.

In that situation, what would do you do? I know what I’d do!

PS. Want to know who the driver was? Prestin Persson, who apparently has a pretty good background in all sorts of motorsports and really is a stunt driver.

PPS; To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with the driving. A lot of the shots looked like they were cut juuuust before the car spun out (and believe me, I know about this). No sustained drifting, no j-turns, no handbrake turns or 360s. Would have thought a pro stunt driver would have done a better job, just quietly. Or maybe the video didn’t properly show her skills, which is a great shame.

Oh, and … If after reading the PS, if Ford want to prank me with something similar, I’m totally ok with that  😉

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper