The 2015 Ford Everest might be hogging the headlines, but is Ford teasing the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350 in a series of short videos ahead of a 17 November reveal?

WHILE ALL EYES ARE on 13 November, when Ford will reveal the 2015 Ford Everest, the Blue Oval is planning another reveal on 17 November which, if the rumours are true, is likely to be the Mustang GT350. It’s expected the car will get its first public debut at the LA Motor Show on the 18 November (press day). Or, is it something else entirely?

Ford which has become the master at drip feeding information on its upcoming models, in the lead-up to 17 November, is releasing five short videos that allude to a new model, showing heavily shadowed components and executives waxing lyrical about the new vehicle on its way.

So far, two videos have dropped and a third is likely to hit YouTube later this evening Australian time, if it follows with its three days apart pattern of releases.

There really isn’t that much to go on in the videos, but there’s a motorsport jibe from Ford boss Mark Field who, in the first video, says “We can compete with anybody and win”… just what that means remains to be seen. But towards the end of the second teaser video you do hear what sounds an awful lot like a V8 engine. And that’s really the only reason we’re suggesting it’s the Mustang GT350, that and the fact it’s been spied running around for awhile now.

Stay tuned; we’ll update this article if another video drops today.

UPDATE: And here it is, the third video in a series of five.


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