Those of us that love our cars fall into two broad categories – drivers and admirers, so, do you let your friends drive your car?

The drivers, well, drive.  Offroad, on racetracks, anywhere that fits their idea of fun.  Their cars are often less than pristine and modified to suit the purpose.  
The admirers treat the car as a piece of art.  The car comes out only in good weather, they park it well away from any other vehicle, mileage is low, and any dust molecules in the vicinity are efficiently erased from existence lest they sully the automotive perfection.
Drivers often let their friends drive their car, provided in their opinion the friend can drive – this doesn’t mean the friend has to drive slowly or gently, but it does mean the car isn’t abused.  I’ve let several friends drive my 86 on racetracks, but only those who I believe have the skills to go hard yet not abuse the car.  I don’t them redlining the car, but I do mind sloppy gearchanges at 2000rpm.  There’s such a thing as mechanical sympathy, which isn’t the same as driving like your grandpa.
On the other hand, admirers barely let themselves drive, let alone anyone else.
Most owners of supercars fall into the admirer category.  But not this guy, known as “PowerslideLover”.  He owns a LaFerrari, the fastest Ferrari ever produced (actually a hypercar, a super-supercar), and it’s worth $1.5m.  He has also let his friend drive it…on the world’s most difficult and dangerous race, the Nurburgring.  Because, well, he’s just cool.
This is what nearly happened:

Yep, nearly written off.  But you know what?  Doesn’t matter.  There’s so many ways to enjoy car culture, and if you want to treat your cars as artworks that should be respected.  If you want to take the same car and go hard on a track with your mates, well that’s ok too.  Personally, I love the fact this guy took his Ferrari to the track AND let his friend drive, AND encouraged him to go faster!
Are you a Driver or an Admirer, or does it change depending on your car?  Do you let your friends drive your special vehicles?



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