How to attach a snatch strap
01 May 2021

How to use a snatch strap

3 years ago 2

If you drive off-road, sooner or later you’ll either need recovering or need to recover someone. Here’s how to use a snatch strap correctly and safely.

Practical Motoring
28 Jan 2021

Caravan and camper trailer theft on the rise

3 years ago 1 0

Own or buying a caravan? Make sure it’s locked up safe. A spate of caravan thefts in Melbourne’s Bayside has […]

Alex Rae 1
14 Sep 2020

How much can I tow with the 2021 Mazda BT-50 4×4?

4 years ago 3 0

How much can you safely tow and carry with the new 2021 Mazda BT-50 dual-cab 4×4? Question: I read the […]

Practical Motoring 3
07 Sep 2020

How much can I tow and carry with the 2020 Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain?

4 years ago 1 0

How much can you safely tow and carry with the new Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain dual-cab 4×4? Question: I am thinking […]

Practical Motoring 1
28 Jan 2020

Safe caravan and trailer towing tips

4 years ago 4 24

Caravan and trailer towing is more difficult than normal driving, so there’s a lot of rules to regulate it. Here are five rules you need to know.

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Towing 3500kg caravan ranger
04 Dec 2019

Why a 3500kg tow rating may not really be a 3500kg tow rating

5 years ago 96

Can tow 3500kg! The claim is there in big bold letters in the brochure, but here’s why your 3500kg tow rating may not really be a 3500kg tow rating.

Robert Pepper
22 Nov 2019

Don’t worry about power and torque

5 years ago 2

It’s the first thing most car makers quote when boasting about their latest model and it’s also almost completely pointless – Power and torque explained.

Robert Pepper
LC200 towing caravan
07 Nov 2019

Top 5 towing myths you should know

5 years ago 4 62

Towing a trailer is simple until it all goes wrong, and that might be avoided by not believing some of these myths…

Robert Pepper 4
09 May 2018

Choosing a 4×4 Towing Vehicle – What should you be looking for?

6 years ago 11 2

When it comes to choosing a 4×4 towing vehicle to haul your camper trailer or caravan, there are a whole raft of things you need to consider, like towing capacity, engine, transmission, and more.

Dean Mellor 11
Jeep Grand Cherokee recall
29 Mar 2018

Jeep Grand Cherokee towbar recalled

6 years ago 1 0

FCA Australia has issued a recall for more than 2300 tow bars fitted to WK Jeep Grand Cherokee models after May 31 2017.

Isaac Bober 1
RAM 2500 Laramie
27 Dec 2017

What is torque?

6 years ago 2 0

Torque is the grunty force that makes your vehicle good for towing and just generally overcoming its own weight. Practical Motoring explains what torque is.

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Top 10 Car Advice articles on Practical Motoring
30 Dec 2016

Our Top 10 Car Advice articles of 2016

7 years ago 1 11

We’re not just about news and car reviews – we offer plenty of great car advice too. Here are the pieces that appealed to the most number of people in 2016.

Isaac Bober 1
16 Apr 2016

Reader Question: My trailer tyres are a different size to the towcar, does this matter?

8 years ago 1 1

A common question from owners of 4WDs who tow a camper trailer is whether a difference in tyre size between towcar and trailer matters…

Robert Pepper 1
07 Aug 2015

2015 Ford Everest – can it really tow 3000kg?

9 years ago 7 1

The 2015 Ford Everest has a braked towing capacity of 3000kg, but can it really tow that much? We analyse the Everest’s true towing capability.

Robert Pepper 7
09 Jul 2015

Everything you need to know about towing heavy trailers

9 years ago 29 19

Towing big, heavy trailers is not a matter of hooking up and hoping for the best – here’s our guide to everything you need to know about towing heavy trailers.

Robert Pepper 29