The Audi Q3 looks great
27 Nov 2013

Audi Q3 First Drive Review

the Audi Q3 is a very impressive entrant into the premium small SUV segment, and one that makes the BMW X1 look awkward. Not quite as cool or capable as the Range Rover Evoque, the Q3 is cheaper and pretty good on a dirt road.

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Nissan Qashqai launched in the UK
10 Nov 2013

New Nissan Qashqai (Dualis to us) launched

The bizarrely named, and refreshed, Nissan Qashqai – better known as the Dualis in Australia – has just been launched overseas, and it’s headed Down-Under next year.

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18 Oct 2013

MINI Cooper S Paceman First Drive

Despite the high ride height, the Mini Paceman lacks AWD. And while the extra length pays dividends in rear seat space, there’s still only room for two back there and intending occupants have to find their way in and out using the front doors. That said, the Paceman looks hot. And perhaps that’s the only justification it needs.

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The Subaru Forester XT has lost its trademark bonnet scoop and gained a whole lot of refinement
16 Oct 2013

Subaru Forester XT First Drive

With the exception of the rear-drive BR-Z, Subaru has made a name for itself as an all-wheel drive SUV specialist. And this fourth-generation Subaru Forester XT builds on the success of its predecessor by being bigger and roomier, better on fuel and with a much more premium look.

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Mazda CX-5 is an impressive family offering
12 Sep 2013

Mazda CX-5 First Drive

The 2013 Mazda CX-5 line-up adds a new 139kW/250Nm 2.-5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine borrowed from the Mazda6. Until now, the diesel variants were the pick of the range. So can the 2.5 petrol take over the mantle?

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12 Sep 2013

2014 Subaru Forester 2.0D-S Review

Isaac Bober’s 2014 Subaru Forester 2.0D-S review with pricing, specs, ride and handling, safety and verdict. Here in Australia, Subaru’s success story has been inextricably linked to the Forester. It’s the brand’s best-selling model in its 40-year history with more than 170,000 units sold here since its launch back in

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Kia Sorento offers refinement and standard-fit seven seats.
10 Sep 2013

Kia Sorento First Drive

Overall, the Sorento 3.5 Si 2WD is a nice competent seven-seater that rides and handles well, has a grunty and refined drivetrain, and a decent amount of standard features. It’s the perfect alternative to some of the pricier seven-seaters on the market, but for families that like to get their feet dirty, you’ll need to pay more for the 4WD variant.

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The Subaru Outback diesel finally has a CVT.
10 Sep 2013

Subaru Outback 2.0D First Drive

The Outback 2.0D CVT is likely to woo those looking to update their current Outback for something a little flashier and more fuel-efficient. That it’s a roomy, comfortable and safe vehicle to drive, that’s as comfortable on dirt as it is on the black stuff, makes this new Outback 2.0D CVT well worth a look.

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