10 May 2017

If you have a friend who is a crazy driver…

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If you have a friend who is a crazy driver, chances are he’s been crazy from birth.

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police caught speeding
07 Apr 2016

Research reveals 37.9% of Australian drivers speed…

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A new survey has revealed that 37.9% of Australian drivers knowingly exceed the speed limit, and that men are more likely to speed than women…

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An RACQ survey shows Australian drivers warn others of speed traps by flashing their lights.
08 Mar 2014

Don’t flash your headlights, says RACQ

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Paul Murrell says a report from RACQ Insurance shows motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated by draconian speed limit enforcement and penalties, and asks why should it be illegal for motorists to warn each other of speed traps.

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Speeding fines no deterrant
21 Jan 2014

Fines don’t change driver behaviour

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Deterrents simply aren’t deterring drivers from irresponsible behaviour. And the number of unpaid fines just keeps mounting up, says Paul Murrell.

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Are speed limits too low in Australia?
10 Nov 2013

Are our speed limits too low?

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Are Australian speed limits too low? The knee-jerk reaction from most motorists is “of course they are” and the equally predictable response from police and road safety groups is “they should be lower”. Paul Murrell looks into the story behind our much-debated speed limit policy?

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