11 Jun 2024

Is It Legal to Mount and Charge Your Phone on the Car Windscreen? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Can you mount and charge your phone on the windscreen in a car to make calls and use navigation? How about using a smartwatch?

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03 Mar 2021

What lights to use when driving in fog or hazardous conditions

3 years ago 2 0

Conditions turn bad as fog covers the road and you can’t see anywhere near as much as you could just […]

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21 Jan 2021

Push for 30 and 40km/h limit on all Victorian streets

4 years ago 21 0

Will we see 30 and 40km/h speed limits widespread in Victoria soon? A healthy walking advocate charity, Victoria Walks, is […]

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30 Nov 2020

Victoria to fine EVs for not plugging in

4 years ago 1 0

Traditional fossil fuel, hybrid, and even electric vehicles face fines when using an EV parking spaces inappropriately.  Victoria is set […]

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04 Sep 2020

Car safety technology problems

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How do we safely introduce a barrage of safety technology from many different suppliers into cars that can travel at […]

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10 Aug 2020

Driving tips for country and rural roads

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Anyone with a licence should know how to drive already, but the conditions and scenarios that happen on the country […]

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24 Sep 2019

Ute owners targeted, can lose licence with heavy fines

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New laws introduced in South Australia have been met with confusion as many motorists face losing their licence and paying expensive fines.

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02 Sep 2019

Noise camera trials expand into more countries

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France becomes the next country to begin noise camera trials that target motorcycles and supercars.

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Bike Sense allows cars and bike riders to get along
25 Jun 2015

Cycling-related road rules under the spotlight

9 years ago 2 0

VicRoads has just released a report reviewing cycling-related road rules and there’s been some gross misreporting in the daily newspapers. Let’s set the record straight.

Robert Pepper 2
How cars and bikes can share the road
06 Mar 2015

How cars and bikes can share the road

9 years ago 12 2

With more and more people getting onto bicycles, and more and more cars on the road trouble can occur. Here’s how cars and bikes can share the road.

Isaac Bober 12
29 Oct 2013

Keep left unless overtaking

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Ever sat behind someone in the overtaking lane when they’re travelling at well under the speed limit? Well, Tony Bosworth reckons enough is enough. Australian drivers, he says, are rude and potential accident waiting to happen, so, move to the left and let the rest of us do the speed limit.

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