mobile phone detection cameras sign
02 Dec 2019

Melbourne to introduce mobile phone cameras

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New overhead cameras will go live in Victoria to detect motorists using mobile phones with increased fines and demerit points after an initial trial.

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VW Tiguan Proline front
21 Nov 2019

VW’s Police-ready Tiguan Proline revealed

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Australian police may soon have a new 162kW ‘offroad’ German squad car geared towards first responders.

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21 Oct 2019

Unmarked BMW M3 Police car in Canberra

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Next time you pull up at the lights to drag a BMW M3, it might pay to check who’s driving it first.

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02 Sep 2019

Noise camera trials expand into more countries

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France becomes the next country to begin noise camera trials that target motorcycles and supercars.

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random breath testing
07 Oct 2017

Roadside breathalyser turns 50…

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The roadside breathalyser turns 50 in the UK this weekend but national random breath testing has only been used in Australia since 1982.

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06 Mar 2017

I got pinged for doing 104km/h in a 100km/h zone…

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Guns, revenue, speed, “towards zero” and police driving standards…

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Speeding fines no deterrant
21 Jan 2014

Fines don’t change driver behaviour

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Deterrents simply aren’t deterring drivers from irresponsible behaviour. And the number of unpaid fines just keeps mounting up, says Paul Murrell.

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