Ford Mustang Highway Patrol car Australia
23 Apr 2020

Exclusive: Ford Mustang Highway Patrol coming soon

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We can exclusively report that a two-seat Mustang Highway Patrol car looks destined for NSW Police duties. IT SEEMS NSW […]

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21 Oct 2019

Unmarked BMW M3 Police car in Canberra

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Next time you pull up at the lights to drag a BMW M3, it might pay to check who’s driving it first.

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Volvo V90 to become Swedish police patrol car
03 Dec 2016

Swedish police choose Volvo V90 as new patrol car…

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The Volvo V90 has scored 9.2 out of 10 in Swedish police tests, setting the highest-ever score… it will join the force early next year.

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Chevy Caprice PPV recalled
30 Mar 2016

GM recalls 6280 Australian-built Chevrolet Caprice police cars

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GM is recalling more than 6000 Australian-built Chevrolet Caprice police cars due to a power steering defect.

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