31 Aug 2021

Kia EV4 to follow EV6

Kia is all set to increase its electric car range with the mid-sized EV4 due for reveal as early as 2022 with sales starting the following year. Kia will follow its first bespoke electric car, the EV6 crossover, with two ‘EV’ SUV models. According to European product boss Sjoerd Knipping,

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10 Aug 2021

Kia builds surfer-spec Soul EV

Kia has produced a one-off Soul EV ‘Broadmasters Edition’ for surfers, but it’s not for Aussies… Kia’s Soul EV might not be available here but this surfie spec version would fit in nicely. This unique build was done in the UK and is in partnership with the Cornwall surfing competition.

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27 Jul 2021

2022 Kia Sportage goes through local testing

Kia’s next-generation mid-size SUV has been busy in local testing ahead of its Australian launch. Like nearly all Kia models, the latest Sportage has arrived at Kia’s Sydney HQ and undergone testing and tuning to local conditions. But this time Kia Australia has posted photos of its new model undergoing

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02 Jul 2021

Living with the 2021 Kia Carnival

Our new long-termer in the garage is a 2021 Kia Carnival Platinum. We will be living with it for 3 months with kids and reporting back on how it performs over a longer run. A past colleague once lamented the McLaren long-termer he was testing. Most would think that being

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15 Jun 2021

2021 Kia Cerato Review

Our independent 2022 Kia Cerato review in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety and score. It may come as a surprise to learn just how much of a quiet achiever the Kia Cerato is. Launched several years after the Kia Rio, the Cerato has now edged aside

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09 Jun 2021

All-new 2022 Kia Sportage revealed

Kia has officially pulled the sheet off its new generation Sportage, showing a radically different design and significantly upgraded interior and equipment. Kia has overhauled the Sportage, its popular family medium-sized SUV, which will enter its fifth generation on the market later this year. Kia Australia is hoping for a

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04 Jun 2021

Is this what the new Kia Sportage looks like?

New Kia Sportage reveal is closing in…and the first theoretical renderings are popping up. Earlier this week, Kia showed us the first official teaser images of the upcoming fifth-generation Sportage SUV, and now it has been rendered to life. The work of Gotcha Cars, the images show a reasonably accurate

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31 May 2021

All-new Kia Sportage teased for the first time

Kia’s most popular SUV, the Sportage, will launch an all-generation this year. Here is the first look at what we can expect. Kia has officially released the first few images of the new Sportage SUV which is scheduled for a full reveal this July. The new model will lob into

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21 May 2021

2021 Kia Niro PHEV Review

Review of the 2021 Kia Niro in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety, and score. The new Kia Niro is the first SUV in Australia to offer three choices of efficient drivetrain: a normal hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. It’s also the brand’s first electric model

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25 Apr 2021

2021 Kia Stinger GT review

  Our independent 2021 Kia Stinger GT review in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety and score. They say that the South Korean car makers are at a similar stage to when the Japanese car makers went from being thought of as cheap and cheerful to some

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10 Apr 2021

2021 Kia Stonic review

Our independent 2021 Kia Stonic review in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety and score. Whether you call it a city SUV, a compact crossover or a jacked-up hatch, the only thing that matters to the bean counters is that cars on stilts sell. In the small segment,

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31 Mar 2021

2021 Kia Sorento Range Review

Which Kia Sorento is right for you? Our full rundown of the 2021 Kia Sorento range including servicing, how much it costs to own, which engine is best and which one to buy. Kia’s new Sorento is a huge leap forward from the South Korean manufacturer and delivers one of

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15 Mar 2021

Kia Seltos S vs Honda HR-V VTi

Two relatively spacious yet compact SUVs faceoff as we see which base model offers the best of what: it’s the Kia Seltos compared to the Honda HR-V. Right out of the blocks, the Kia Seltos has hit its stride. Barely a few months old, it’s already selling as strongly as

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15 Jan 2021

Kia announces electric vehicle future

Kia breaks into new territory this decade, changing its look, focus and feel. Kia – nee Kia Motors – has announced that along with a new look and slogan, it will launch seven new electric vehicles in six years, catering for all manner of purposes. Shown in a shadowy teaser

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07 Jan 2021

Kia’s new logo and rebranding goes live

Another car maker rebrands itself with a new logo, this time Kia making moves upmarket. Kia is rebranding itself globally, moving to a new look logo and a new slogan. The move suits the new generation of Kia models that have moved significantly upmarket from where the once humble Korean

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