overtaking on highway
23 Oct 2019

The Australian Overtake… and why we shouldn’t be proud of it

There’s an overtaking manoeuvre unique to Australia, and it’s nothing to be proud of.

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15 Oct 2019

10 signs you’re a bad driver

Think you’re a good driver? Of course you do, you’re human. But think again if you’re doing any of these, our 10 signs you’re a bad driver…

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23 Sep 2019

How to steer a car – Part 1

Steering is one of the most important skills when driving. Pity most of us were not taught the right way to do it.

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10 Jul 2018

Upgrading your 4×4 for driving in the dark

Driving in the dark can fraught with danger but it’s sometime unavoidable. If your vehicle is equipped with the right gear you’ll be able to make it safely through the night.

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Ford Everest 4WD driving on unsealed road
22 Jun 2018

How to drive on dirt roads – Everything you need to know

Driving on dirt roads is very different to driving on bitumen. Here’s what you need to know, from setting up your vehicle, tyre pressures, to handling corrugations and more.

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Off-road driving myths busted
18 May 2018

How To: Beach Driving with your 4×4

Beach driving with your 4×4 can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if you don’t play by the rules.

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How to hold a steering wheel
23 Apr 2018

Myth-Busting: Holding the steering wheel at 10-2 is the right way?

Older drivers might claim that holding the steering wheel at 10-2 is the right way to go. So, is holding the steering wheel at 10-2 the right way?

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overtaking on highway
16 Apr 2018

Myth-Busting: Does constantly changing lanes get you there faster?

We’ve all been there, stuck in a line of slow-moving traffic while cars in the outside lane are streaking past. So, does constantly changing lanes get you there faster?

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Driving while wearing thongs
19 Feb 2018

Myth-Busting: It’s illegal to Eat, Drink, Smoke or wear thongs while driving?

My old man once told me off for getting into my car and driving while wearing thongs… he said it was illegal, but is it?

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16 Nov 2017

Just how far can a stock-standard 4WD take you?

Just how far can a stock-standard Ford Everest 4WD take you? Ford took me to Tasmania to test my (very basic) off-road driving skills and find out.

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How to deal with tailgaters
23 Aug 2017

What to do when you’re being tailgated…

Everyone’s been tailgated before, and if you’re already a little stressed it can be tempting to fight back. Don’t. Here’s how to handle tailgaters.

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How to drive on steep hills
02 Jun 2017

How to drive on steep hills

Hills can kill. Here’s how to drive on steep hills safely in your 4×4.

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30 May 2017

Beach Driving Explained

Driving on the beach is sometimes necessary, always fun… here’s what you need to know about beach driving.

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14 Oct 2016

Friday Top 5: Reasons why a car is fun to drive

Owning a car for some people is about getting from A to B… but there’s more to a car than just that. Here are five reasons why a car is fun to drive.

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24 Jun 2016

Setting up for the snow, or how to operate your car in cold weather

It’s winter time, and you want to get out into the snow! Or maybe you’re just worried about how your car will handle cold morning starts. Here’s how to operate your car in cold weather.

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