2018 Audi RS4 Avant Review
30 Aug 2022

Is it bad to redline your engine?

Take it to the limit…movies and accepted wisdom that redlining your car extracts the last drop of oomph out of it do more harm than good. We explain why it’s bad to redline your engine.

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14 Aug 2020

Quick tips to be a better car lover

Cars. Big hunks of metal built to last hundreds of kays, right? Only if you look after them, which can be easier said than done for some. Here are five quick tips to be a better car lover. Don’t drive over potholes, corrugations and bumps Sure, you might live on

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Coolant and antifreeze explained
15 Jan 2020

What is coolant or antifreeze and why does your car need it?

Coolant or antifreeze is one of the most important fluids in your car. We explain what it is and why it’s essential to the good health of your car’s engine.

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20 Nov 2019

How to change a car headlight globe

Changing a headlight globe is a simple DIY job that anyone can tackle.

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DIY diagnostics
15 Nov 2019

Best OBD2 diagnostics apps for iOS and Android

With smartphones getting smarter and app makers tapping into ever more exclusive areas, performing DIY vehicle diagnostic tests just got a whole lot easier.

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How to remove bird poo from your car
23 Apr 2019

How to remove bird poo from you car

Bird poo can damage your car’s paintwork if you don’t remove it quickly and it’s left to bake on in the sun, here’s how to remove bird poo from your car.

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car maintenance basics
16 Dec 2017

Car maintenance basics explained… School Holiday Tips

With the school holidays here, don’t just rely on your car’s scheduled services to keep it running. Follow our car maintenance advice.

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30 Dec 2016

Friday Five: If it’s good enough for a racecar, it must be good for a roadcar, right?

Motorsport is a harsh environment for vehicles, and appears harsher than the day-to-day use of cars we’re all familiar with. But that’s not entirely true.

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Don't neglect your windscreen wipers
04 Jun 2015

Don’t neglect your windscreen wipers … or else!

Windscreen wipers are one of the most neglected items on our vehicles, here’s how to check and replace windscreen wiper blades.

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