Perfectly Keyless app from Bosch to replace car keys
25 Aug 2017

Bosch reveals Perfectly Keyless app to replace car keys

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Bosch claims its Perfectly Keyless app can turn your smartphone into the key for your car and put an end to the morning hunt for your keys…

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How your car can be hacked
07 Aug 2017

UK government issues guidelines for car makers to protect against hackers

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The UK government has issued guidelines to car makers to ensure internet connected cars are protected from hacking vulnerabilities…

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harman car hacking security system revealed
23 Aug 2016

Harman reveals its new car hacking security system

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Automotive electronics company, Harman, claims its working with a number of car makers to employ its new security system to protect connected cars from car hacking.

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Pen Test Partners
09 Jun 2016

Mitsubishi says Outlander PHEV hack “a first”

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Earlier this week a video hit the Web showing how a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV could be hacked into via its smartphone app to access and control various functions.

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23 Jul 2015

Do we really need to worry about car hacking? Yes.

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Should you be concerned about your car in the wake of the recent Jeep Cherokee uConnect car hacking relevations?

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