20 Sep 2019

How Hyundai and Kia’s new centre airbag works

Further development in airbag technology will see a reduction in head collisions and injuries to front passengers.

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Honda Australia implores owners to heed airbag recall notice
11 Oct 2017

Honda implores owners to heed airbag recall notices

Honda Australia is imploring owners of Honda vehicles who’ve received an airbag recall notice to heed the notice and have their vehicle repaired.

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airbag symbol on the dashboard
26 Jul 2017

Honda’s Takata airbag recall push in Australia

Honda Australia is calling on owners of vehicles subject to an airbag inflator recall not to ignore recall letters they receive.

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29 Jun 2017

How far do airbags extend?

Most offroaders mount things inside their vehicles, but there’s airbags to worry about. MODERN VEHICLES have plenty of airbags, and when they activate – actually, more explode – then you really don’t want anything between you and the bag.  Pretty simple rule, but just how far do those airbags extend

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External airbag
16 Feb 2016

External airbags reduce side-impact collision force by 30%

Pedestrian airbags are now a reality and it’s looking likely external airbags will be developed to deploy moments before a side-impact collision to keep occupants safer.

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27 Aug 2015

Land Rover demonstrate pedestrian airbags

Airbags have protected drivers for years, and now they can help prevent injuries to pedestrians – Land Rover demonstrate pedestrian airbags for Discovery Sport.

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airbag symbol on the dashboard
11 Aug 2015

Toyota goes to court over trademark infringements

Toyota Australia has announced it has lodged court proceedings for trademark infringements against two independent retailers who sold counterfeit airbag components.

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Alpinestars tech air airbag system for motorbikes
15 Nov 2014

Alpinestars Tech Air Street Airbag system for motorbike riders

Alpinestars has revealed its road-rider based Tech-Air Street Airbag System for motorcycle riders – see how it works.

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