Brough Superior releases the all-new Lawrence this month.

Founded in 1919, Brough Superior is a manufacturer that has always pushed boundaries when it comes to motorbike development.

It was the first brand to have produced motorcycles that could go above 100mph (160km/h), and has teamed up with Aston Martin after it was purchased by French motorcycle expert Thierry Henriette in 2014. Soon after relaunched Lawrence of Arabia’s S.S.100 in collaboration with Aston Martin.

Now, Brough Superior has produced the Lawrence.

Hand-built and using knowledge and development from aeronautical experts, the Lawrence is produced from titanium, carbon fibre and aluminium.

This new model represents a milestone for Brough Superior. Inspired by the mechanical architecture of the S.S.100, the Lawrence has unique curves that were only possible to be created by using carbon fibre. The frame of the motorcycle is in titanium, and its fork is a Fior type in aluminium.

The engine has entirely been developed internally by the Brough Superior engineers. The production technology and the engineering skills that are required to build this bike partly come from the aeronautical industry that is very influential in the region of Toulouse, France. The world’s leading spaceships, satellites and aircraft are also produced in the same region.

Only 188 editions of this fascinating motorcycle will be produced. The number 188 is echoing the birth date of T.E. Lawrence: 1888.

But it doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting from over an equivalent AUD$100,000.


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