Sales of new motorcycles in Australia increased by more than 22 per cent in 2020, defying early predictions of a sales slump under COVID-19.

Based on data provided by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), new bike sales increased for the first time in four years, with total sales of 108,926 being not only a 22.1 per cent increase on 2019 numbers but also the industry’s best annual result since 2016, when 114,770 new motorcycle sales were recorded.

As with past years, the 2020 figures only cover FCAI members, so the likes of Royal Enfield, MV Agusta, Benelli, CF Moto, Kymco and other non-FCAI members are not included in the numbers.

Of the four main market segments – road, off-road, OHV and scooter – only the latter saw a decrease in sales for the past year. Continuing the trends seen in the Q1, half-year and Q3 data for 2020, dirt bikes and OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles = ATVs and SSVs) led the surge, with OHV sales up by a staggering 38.8 per cent, while off-road bike sales increased by 30.3 per cent. Road bike sales increased by a more modest 9.2 per cent, while scooter sales fell by 11 per cent.

Across the four categories, the results are virtually a flip of 2019’s FCAI figures, when the scooter category was the only one to see growth – by 15.9 per cent – and the other three categories were down.

“Given the difficult market conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is reassuring to see segments of the market continuing to perform well,” said Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI.

“The rise in popularity of personal transport in this segment demonstrates that OHVs, off-road motorcycles and road bikes were a preferred option for many recreational and commuting activities during the year.”

Sales figures for each brand, along with overall and category top tens, were not available at time of writing.


2020 Australian Motorcycle Market Overview*

Segment          2020 sales        2019 sales        Percentage +/-             Market Share

Road                34,912              31,981              +9.2 per cent                 32.1 per cent

Scooter            4,461                5,014                -11 per cent                  4.1 per cent

Off-Road          44,697              34,298              +30.3 per cent               41 per cent

OHV                 24,856              17,906              +38.8 per cent               22.8 per cent

TOTAL             108,926             89,199              +22.1 per cent              100 per cent


*FCAI Members only


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