14 Apr 2018

Torque steer explained

You’ve probably heard or read something in a car review about torque steer, but what is it and does it actually matter? Torque steer explained…

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2018 Volkswagen Polo 70TSI Trendline Manual.
13 Apr 2018

Top first cars for young drivers

When it comes to your first car it’s often a case of substance over style with affordability, both in purchase price and running costs key determining factors in what you’ll choose. Here are our top first cars for young drivers.

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how to get rid of ants in your car
12 Apr 2018

How to get rid of ants in your car

Have you ever opened your car door, or climbed into your car and seen ants crawling all over it? Here’s how to get rid of ants in your car.

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2015 Nissan NP300 Navara bullbar
09 Apr 2018

How To: Choosing the right bull bar for your 4×4

There are plenty of bull bars on the market to suit a wide range of vehicles, but how do you know which one is right for you? Check out our guide to choosing the right bull bar.

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waxing a car
09 Apr 2018

Myth-Busting: Carnauba Wax is better than synthetic wax

We all know how important waxing your car is to keep the paint surface in top condition, whether you’ve got a concours winner or a family hack, but is carnauba wax better than synthetic wax?

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petrol prices
05 Apr 2018

Myth-Busting: Is it dangerous to refuel with the car engine running?

When it comes to automotive myths they all have a slight grain of truth to them, and so it is with this one. So, is it dangerous to refuel with the car engine running?

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How to recover from a skid
26 Mar 2018

Myth-Busting: rear-wheel drive is more fun than front-wheel drive?

This is the one that will have purists fist pumping, but is rear-wheel drive more fun than front-wheel drive?

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Pajero Sport review - Australia
22 Mar 2018

Top 5 4×4 Wagons Under $50k

Here are our Top 5 sub-$50k 4×4 wagons, all with touring-friendly diesel engines and genuine off-road capability.

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Towing a caravan with a Ford Everest Titanium
21 Mar 2018

Top Caravan and Camper Trailer Towing Tips

Safely towing a trailer or caravan requires a whole set of extra driving skills…so don’t think you can just hitch up and go if you’ve never towed anything before. Here are our top trailer towing tips.

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Don't waste your money filling your car tyres with nitrogen
19 Mar 2018

Myth-Busting: Should you fill your car tyres with nitrogen?

Plenty of tyre retailers offer to fill your car tyres with nitrogen for a few bucks claiming it’ll improve fuel efficiency. So should you fill your car tyres with nitrogen?

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Top 5 rugged medium family SUVs
13 Mar 2018

Top 5 Rugged Medium Family SUVs…

Not everyone’s looking for a family SUV for the soccer run…but when it comes to the rough stuff not all SUVs are equal. Here’s our Top 5 Rugged Medium Family SUVs.

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are manual transmissions more fuel efficient
12 Mar 2018

Myth-Busting: Manual transmissions are more fuel efficient

This one relates to fuel economy with many holding to the belief that a manual is more fuel efficient than the same car with an automatic. So, are manual transmissions more fuel efficient?

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07 Mar 2018

Fuel Consumption – Top Tips for fuel efficient driving

Driving for fuel economy is an art and a science. Our handy fuel efficient driving tips will help you get more out of your tank of fuel and save you money.

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05 Mar 2018

Myth-Busting: You should use higher octane fuel…

Higher octane fuel costs more than regular unleaded, but is it worth using 98RON if your car is recommended for 91RON, many say that you should. So, should you?

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03 Mar 2018

Top 5: Medium Family SUVs

SUVs are so hot right now but which ones are best for families? We trawl through the medium segment to find our top 5 medium family SUVs.

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