Lotus F1 Team and its technology partner EMC have set a new world record truck jump by jumping an F1 transporter over a moving Formula One race car.

LOTUS MIGHT NOT have much to celebrate about at the moment, but it now has a world record and viral video on its hands as one of its transport trucks set a Guinness World Record by jumping over a moving Lotus F1 car; the longest ever truck jump at 83ft 7in. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO.

Obviously, Lotus and EMC have taken leaf out of Volvo Trucks’ viral video playbook and hired stuntmen Mike Ryan (who drove the truck) and Martin Ivanov (who drove the F1 car) to perform the daring feat. The record-attempt took place at Bentwaters Park in the UK on November 6.

Ryan has driven in a series of Hollywood movies, including Fast and Furious and Terminator 2, while Ivanov has driven in Bond and Bourne movies.

Dedicated followers of stunt driving, and aren’t we all, will probably know Mike Ryan’s name from his truck gymkhana videos (Size Matters) where he shows he can drift just about everything from a mining truck to his own Freightliner semi-trailer, which he also takes to Pikes Peak. The mining truck drift (below) was also part of an EMC campaign.

And here’s his Freightliner race truck…


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