In a bid to get old and unsafe cars out of drivers’ hands, Victoria is looking to pay cash for clunkers.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced on Facebook that the Victorian Government will incentivise owners of old cars into newer, safer models, by way of a cash-for-old-cars scheme.

The initiative is aimed at young drivers, specifically in rural areas, and also older drivers on low incomes.

“Thirty years ago, car safety meant airbags if you were lucky and a lap belt in the middle back seat,” says the Premiere in his post.

“Upgrading isn’t always affordable – particularly if you’ve saved hard for your very first wheels or you’re on a pension. And plenty of young people are driving cars older than they are.

“That’s why we’re running two pilot programs to help some of our youngest and oldest drivers trade in for a safer model.

“We’ll provide grants to help young people in regional areas scrap their old car and buy something newer and safer. The program will aim to replace 1000 older, unsafe vehicles with safer replacements.

“We’ll also support regional Victorians aged 65 and over on lower incomes, with short-term, affordable leases on newer and safer cars to help them get around safely.

“Older cars don’t have the safety features we rely on to keep us safer and are over-represented in our crash and fatality stats. This is about getting them off the road, and supporting those Victorians who need it most.”

It is not clear yet how the scheme will work, who exactly will be eligible, and how much money will be granted.


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  1. The word scheme stood out to me. They will not force me to upgrade my car or pardon me, what? Support Victorians with short term affordable leases? 😳 Since when has a lease been good? Never. Is a short term lease better? No. Never lease a car and never pay more than half your yearly income on a car or it messes up your net worth. They are forcing us to go further into debt. Transparent parasites they are 😔

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