Iconic British sports car maker, TVR, has announced it has taken 350 orders for its yet unrevealed new sports car and that it’s new factory will be located in Wales.

THE WELSH GOVERNMENT has announced it committed £30 million of capital expenditure over the next five years to woo TVR to the EbbW Vale Enterprise Zone in South Wales. That said, no specific site has yet been selected for the establishment of the company’s factory.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR said: “This is a fantastic opportunity both for TVR and the Welsh Government. South Wales is becoming a major hub for automotive and motorsport technology and development and the area is a serious opportunity for business development and job creation. We have a sports car project that has garnered global approval and excitement, and we are delighted that the Welsh government wish to become a part of an exciting new era for TVR.”

The new TVR sports car, which still hasn’t been shown (the above image is an artist’s impression via Autocar which TVR is officially distributing… read between the lines). The new car was announced in 2015, and the company says it already has 350 deposits which will run a chassis and body designed by Gordon Murray and be built using his new iStream process.

TVR said, power is provided by a Cosworth tuned and enhanced V8 engine, and that the Welsh factory will be busy fulfilling orders that already run through to the end of 2018. 


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