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Track-only McLaren 650S Sprint revealed

Track-only McLaren 650S Sprint revealed ahead of its public debut at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

MAKING ITS GLOBAL DEBUT alongside other McLaren models at Pebble Beach (four in total), including the McLaren P1 GTR, the 650S Sprint is a track-only version of the recently released 650S Coupe.

Like its 650S Coupe, the 650S Sprint has been “aerodynamically optimised” for increased downforce, while the revised air intakes carried across from the road car allow for better cooling of the carried-across 3.8-litre twin-turbo M838T engine – the McLaren 650S Sprint has seen the engine and transmission tweaked for improved ‘track’ performance. Unlike the road car, the track-focused 650S Sprint is fitted with developments to the Brake Steer system, active aerodynamics and a race set-up for the ProActive Chassis Control (PCC).

Track-only McLaren 650S Sprint revealed

The cabin has been stripped out to minimise weight. Built around a lightweight carbon-fibre MonoCell chassis, the interior also features an FIA-approved rollcage to further cocoon the driver. A lightweight carbon-fibre HANS-approved racing seat, with full six-point harness, offers an optimised driving position, while an air-conditioning system is retained adding comfort. An integrated fire extinguisher system is also installed.

Track-only McLaren 650S Sprint revealed

The 650S Sprint has a lower ride height than its road-going sibling with recalibrated adaptive damping for revised spring rates, and sits on 19-inch centre-locking racing wheels, fitted with Pirelli slick or wet tyres, while an onboard air jacking system enables quick tyre changes. Stopping power is also enhanced and provided by a race-prepared braking system developed for the 650S Sprint. This system combines with the road car’s highly effective Brake Steer system and enhanced active aerodynamics to offer superior braking performance. This allows for later braking into corners, but also improved brake feel and greater cornering speeds.

Track-only McLaren 650S Sprint revealed

A range of further options and upgrades are available including a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) developed aerodynamic package including carbon fibre rear wing and front splitter, a passenger seat with six-point harness, and further lightweight components including a polycarbonate windscreen.

The 650S Sprint will be priced from £198,000, and available from all official McLaren retailers worldwide or direct from McLaren GT.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober