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Toyota Prius Hybrid sets Nürburgring record …

…For the least amount of fuel used on a single lap of the famed Green Hell – the standard Toyota Prius Hybrid completed its lap in 20min 59secs and used 0.404L/100km.

MOST CAR MAKERS head to the Nürburgring to demonstrate their car’s handling prowess or speed, but rather than show how fast its car could go, Toyota says it wanted to demonstrate how little fuel could be used on a single lap.

The ‘real-world’ test involved the car running in traffic during a public session and complying with all the circuit rules, including the 60km/h minimum average speed.

Toyota Prius sets Nurburgring fuel consumption record

On paper, both the speed requirement and the circuit length (20.7km) put the feat within the all-electric EV range Toyota quotes for Prius Plug-in, performance. In theory, the distance could be covered without a drop of petrol being used.

In dry, breezy conditions, the Prius returned 698mpg (0.404L/100km), completing his lap in 20 minutes and 59 seconds – the Toyota used less than five tablespoons of fuel.

Watch the video here:

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober