Toyo Tires has sponsored the NSW 86/BRZ club and is looking to sponsor others car clubs, especially performance car clubs.

CAR CLUBS BY definition gather like-minded inviduals who spend a bit more than average on their vehicles.  This makes them attractive targets for sponsors, and now Toyo Tires has decided to invest in the burgoening Toyota 86/BRZ scene with sponsorship of the NSW 86/BRZ Club.

Toyo Australia Limited marketing manager Jose Angeles said:  “With performance-enhancing fitments catering to enthusiast vehicles of all types, a more direct relationship with Australia’s car clubs is a logical fit for Toyo.” 

Tyre sponsorship of clubs makes sense; everybody needs a set of tyres for their club car and indeed any other vehicle they drive, and most manufacturers have a range of tyres to suit pretty much every requirement.   The 86/BRZ in particular has proved an immensely popular vehicle both for track work, and just for simple cosmetic modifications which naturally include tyres.

Toyo say that the sponsorship will include a Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ-specific technical information night at the manufacturer’s base in Minto, NSW, and a track day experience at Sydney Motorsport Park later in 2015.

Check back soon for our article on why you’d want to use different tyres on your car, and then all you need to know about selecting your new rubber, and don’t miss our long-term 86 test.



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