Tesla’s Model S electric sedan notches up over one billion miles.

Electric-vehicle pioneer Telsa say their Model S (pictured) has covered over 1.6 billion kilometers, and of course that has to be expressed in equivalent terms of trips to the moon – 27, to be exact.

Whether you like it or not, electric drive – either as a hybrid, or increasingly as the sole method of propulsion.  Telsa is leading the charge, but has to work against the car industry in the process.  The reason is that electric motors represent almost as big a change to the status quo as driverless cars. 

Just about everything that is complex in a car stems from the internal combustion engine.  Take that away, and servicing, parts, design…everything becomes much, much simpler.  The industry cannot afford such as big change any time soon.  In the same way, driverless cars threaten to reduce accident rates and thus decimate (or worse) the repair and insurance industry.

But all that’s a way off.  What’s impressive now is the way stock Model S cars are taking on wsome really quick cars at drag strips.  Have a look at this S vs GT-R video.  Sure, the GT-R is slow out of the blocks, but the S’s accleration – all that electric torque available from 0 rpm – really tells.  Once up to speed the S can’t match the power of the GT-R, but the final result isn’t too shabby and remember the S is a four-door sedan, not a supercar like the GT-R.

 Like we said, electric drive is coming whether you like it or not!

Here’s some Telsa owner stories:

Owners Tony and Jenny regularly travel abroad with their Model S; “For every day and long distance driving and ownership experience, the Tesla takes first prize every time. We’ve driven it down to the French Alps three times, and toured Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.”

Tom has made several trips to France in his Model S with his family; “We’ve now completed three trips to Europe in our Model S, totalling about 3,000 miles; we’ve driven to Cannes, Brussels and most recently Paris. The Model S is a brilliant touring car.”

Brian Gilmore and his family rediscovered the road trip thanks to their Model S; “We drive it most days but it really comes into its own on long road trips.”


Holding back the change to electric is the lack of power stations. Normal household 240v sockets can be used, but don’t deliver the power quickly enough to make fast recharges possible.

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