In the wake of the recent fatal accident at the Nurburgring new speed limits are in operation.

The Nurburgring is no longer used for top-level racing like Formula 1 because it is too dangerous.  One reason is that there are several places where cars can become airborne, and to have even one place where wheels leave the ground on a modern racetrack is very unusual.  Unfortunately, back in March a racecar left the road and flipped up, killing a spectator. [ video does not show final moments of crash ]

 In the aftermath of that terrible accident speed limits on the track have been reduced and introduced. It may come as a surprise that the track actually had limits in the first place, but it did.  For most of the time the track operates as a public, one-way road and it had speed limits in place. Even on track days there are limits.  The change is there’s more.  Below is an explanatory graphic from the authority on the Nurburgring, Bridge to Gantry:


 What does this all mean?

If you are considering heading to the ‘Ring for the lap of your life, not much.  You are very unlikely to drive fast enough to get close to the limits, and anyway it is a most excellent idea to hire a relatively low-powered car for your first several zillion laps.  Basically the ‘Ring experience for the average driver in an average car looks to be undiluted.  Read our ‘Ring Guide for more.

It could be that official Ring laptimes now cannot be broken, as it appears the limits apply to car tests.  Well, that’s ok because they were all kind of pointless anyway.

Racing will be slower, but I can’t see it taking away that much from the overall experience as a spectator.

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