Hertz is offering Australians the chance to rent a new Ford Mustang, as part of their Adrenaline Collection… Sadly, it’s not the limited-ran Shelby-tuned one it rents in the US.

DEMAND FOR the new Mustang has been hot, with wait times back to 2017 when the car was launched in Australia back in January. Ford have now confirmed another 2000 Mustangs are on the way, and that will include a few for Hertz who are going to have them for rent in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Mustangs will join the like Renalt Megane RS 265 Cup and the Toyota 86 as part of the Adrenaline Collection. The exact models have yet to be determined, and no availability date has been set.

Ford comissioned a survey on the holiday intetions of 1000 Australians (selection method unknown) and the results were that more people are planning to holiday at home. This was linked to the higher dollar. Regardless, it’s good to see an icon car like the Mustang available for all to enjoy.

Sadly, Ford Australia and Hertz Australia won’t be offering the recently released limited-edition 50th anniversary rent-a-racer Ford Mustang, tweaked by Shelby, that is available for US drivers to rent from Hertz. The Ford Mustang really made its mark in the US when Hertz began offering ‘tuned’ Mustangs that punters could rent and then run on a racetrack … not sure how insurance would work with that sort of thing now.

Ford is also offering everyone the chance to win a weekend with a Mustang, as part of the car’s 52nd birthday celebrations.  The competition will be  “hosted on Ford Australia’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), fans will be encouraged to share their best creative ideas on how they would help Mustang celebrate its birthday.”

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