An eagle-eyed Autocar reader has snapped a pic of a Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet suggesting the launch of a topless Evoque might be only 12 months away.

UK MAGAZINE, Autocar has published an image that seems to show a convertible Range Rover Evoque. While the picture was taken by a reader, in the rain, and from a long way back, it reveals a camouflaged Evoque which blurrily shows a black canvas roof.

Range Rover first showed its convertible Evoque at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and while the brand said at the time it wanted to gauge interest in the idea of a convertible Evoque there’s been little about it since.

Range Rover Cabriolet

That said, back in 2013 a Land Rover insider was quoted as saying, “The Evoque has been given the green light, it’s going to be built”. And there were suggestions then that the convertible Evoque would be revealed this year (2014). That claim, however, was made after other rumours that suggested the new model had been ruled out – it clearly hasn’t.

With no information to go off beyond the picture, we can only speculate that the convertible Evoque will go ahead and that Land Rover is potentially waiting to fit the new range of Ingenium engines to the thing.

While Land Rover would probably be able to sell every single convertible Evoque it could build, especially in the US, we want to know what you think, does it work?


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    1. I thought the world had moved away from convertible SUVs, but apparently not. Still haven’t seen any all-new Defender spy pics… that’s what I’m hanging out for. Cheers Isaac (editor).

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