Porsche has announced a worldwide recall of the Porsche 918 Spyder to replace “chassis components” in 205 vehicles.

PORSCHE HAS issued a short statement announcing it is recalling 205 Porsche 918 Spyders to replace chassis components that were built, ahem, during “a certain time period [when] defective parts were used from a delivery batch, whose functionality cannot be permanently guaranteed”. Apparently the defective parts were spotted during routine quality control inspections and “remedied immediately”.

Porsche says it hasn’t received any complaints yet, but has contacted all of the 205 owners who could be “exactly traced”. “The workshop visit, which will take place by appointment at the onset of 2015, takes about two days to complete at no charge,” a statement from Porsche read.

According to Autoblog, around 43 cars are affected in the US (where the bulk of 918s were sold) with Porsche Director of Corporate Communications Achim Schneider telling them that “due to the supplier relationship we did not announce further details regarding the components so far.”

See, even the mighty occasionally get it wrong.


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